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First created in 1971 as the eventual replacement for the 911, the design for the 928 would take another 6 years to see the light of day, thanks primarily to the oil crisis gripping the world then. The 928 came to the world in 1978 with a quiet 4.5L V8 engine, developing 219HP, and being the very epitomy of a touring car. The 928 was a departure from previous Porsche cars, in both being front engined, and water cooled, and was the first Porsche design to be so, even though it was released two years after the 924. But the 928 had more up its' sleeve, with a specifically designed rear axle, to be known as the Weissach Axle, which allowed for dynamic changes in toe-in based on changes taking place in the drive gear. Bowing out to the 911 in 1995 due to a drop in sales volumes, this beautiful car still finds itself with a group of fans who have formed the 928 Register.

Just like all other Registers, the 928 Register benefits from being a part of the vibrant and dynamic Porsche Club of NSW.

Register Delegate - Alan Taylor

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