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The register for the 993 was established mid 2002.

In establishing a register, of course the last thing we want to do is cause division in the club as I like all Porsches including the 924 and in time maybe even the Cayenne. But don't expect us to be unbiased towards our "favourite" 993 model.

Enthusiasts are starting to buy the 993's and I wanted the club to have a knowledge bank so that we can assist intending purchasers. I know that it would have been very helpful if I could have spoken to a 993 owner when I was looking around to buy. Also we want to be able to assist members who have a problem or perculiarity even if it just an assurance that "they are all like that".

The 993 model was a turning point for the company and we want to enhance the ownership experience for existing and future members. So if you have experience with the 993 model and would like to share it with us then we would love to hear from you.

We would also welcome any feedback on what members want from this register.

Register Delegate: Faiyaz Sahu-Khan

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