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All Motorsport events are run according to the Competition Rules and in compliance with the Supplementary Regulations which are published for each event.

Competitors must complete a 2021 Competition Registration Form for EACH car that they wish to use in competition. Please click on the link and follow the instructions on the form. This only needs to be done once each year and is used to allocate your competition class and number. For assistance with determining which class your car is likely to be running in we have a 2021 Vehicle Listing with standard factory weights and power, along with estimated Weight/Wheel Power measures and associated competition class.

Entry forms will need to be submitted for individual events. Entries open after the CAMS permit is issued; this is generally 21-28 days before the scheduled event date.

In the event that you need to cancel a booking, here is the Booking Cancellation Policy

The Benchmark Times for the 2021 Sprint Competition is now completed. To enable performances in one class to be compared with those in another class, and thereby forming the basis of a fair and balanced scoring system, a benchmark time is set for each class. These are then used to provide a means of comparison between the classes for determining the Drivers Championship.


Competition Information

Porsche Club NSW is CAMS affiliated and our motorsport events are run under CAMS permits. Our events are open only to Porsche Club NSW members and competitors must hold a current CAMS licence.

Our annual competition calendar consists of both Supersprints and Motorkhanas, all held at premier motorsport venues within 2 hours drive of Sydney. Each event is a round in either our Supersprint or Motorkhana Championship and the Drivers Championship is a combination of both disciplines.

Spirit of Competition: Our motorsport events are intended to give members the opportunity to use their normal road cars in competition with each other. Our core values include the encouragement of novice and less experienced drivers, friendly competition, and respect for other competitors, their cars, and everyone present at an event.

Competition Rules: Our motorsport events are run under the club’s Competition Rules and all competitors must understand and accept these rules. The rules are available on the website and we encourage you to download a copy. Safety is paramount, and the rules detail specific safety requirements including helmets, clothing, fire extinguishers and secondary bonnet catches.

PCNSW Vehicle Description Protocol PCNSW has a system for describing Porsche vehicles that is easy to follow, click on the above link to see how it's done.

Vehicle Classes: For the purpose of calculating championship points, all Porsche vehicles are allocated to a competition class, determined primarily on weight to power. Event points are awarded by class based on the finishing position within the class. The intent of the class system is to ensure that all competitors have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Timing and Point Scores: Most of our events are electronically timed (the club provides the equipment) and provisional results are posted on this website, generally within two weeks. Cumulative point scores are also published in our club magazine. Supersprint lap times can be accessed from Natsoft Race Results, and with results dating from 1994, Natsoft is a great way to track your progress.

Competing Guide: If you’re new to competition, our Competing Guide is essential reading. It covers all the basics, including the format of the days, car and driver preparation, etc.

Spectators and Volunteers: You may want to join in without actually competing. You’re welcome to come along and watch, or better still, why not help out as an official. Helpers are always needed, and as a bonus, you get a close look at the action.

Non-Championship Events: The club also runs invitational non-championship events from time to time such as the Easter Weekend Regularity events at Bathurst.

CAMS Information: Getting a CAMS licence isn’t difficult but please allow up to 3 weeks for the paperwork to be processed. Further information on licensing is available at or by phoning 1300 653 529.

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