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Hi Members,

For something different this year, we are running a virtual Show and Shine event in the form of a photo/video competition. You can enter either a short video of no longer than 60 seconds, or a collection of five photos to show off your Porsche.

There is a separate category for photos and videos. Winners in each category will get a studio shoot of their car by Rob Scheeren, valued at $500.

Entries are now open and will close on Monday 30 November. Submit your entry via email to with the title ‘PCNSW Show and Shine entry’. All entries will be displayed on the website, with voting decided by a judging panel made up of the Concours sub-committee and previous Concours winners.

Include your car’s model, year of manufacture, colour, and any other relevant details. Photos and videos can be shared via an online link such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, or submitted via a YouTube link or something similar.

To get you started, here are some tips for your photos and videos

Four tips for photos

·        Try to keep the sun behind you, to avoid shadows on the car.

·        If possible, avoid distractions behind the shots. Keep the background clean

·        Try not to shoot on grass, cars are made for the road!

·        Don’t get too close when shooting, the car will look distorted. If you can, stand back and zoom in a little

Four Interior tips

·        Make sure it’s clean and there is nothing left inside that shouldn’t be there

·        Line up the steering wheel to 12 o’clock

·        Take the keys out!

·        Sit in the back seat to shoot the interior to get it all in

Suggested images

·        Front ¾ shot

·        Rear ¾ shot

·        Side-on shot

·        Interior shot

·        Engine bay shot

Four tips for videos

·        If using your camera,hold it  sideways in landscape format, not portrait or upright

·        Keep it steady, use two hands

·        Walk around the car slowly, then show the interior

·        Start the car, or show the engine running

You can also add a commentary if you wish, history of the car, what you have had to do to it to get it in this condition, and so on. Just keep it to 60 seconds

So let’s see your beautiful Porsches! Good luck everyone