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Our combined Social and Competition weekend has been and gone but what a perferct way to spend two crisp winter days enjoying our cars. Two days of perfect Porsche roads, an afternoon of excitement at Wakefield Park watching some very fast cars on very cold tyres, plus an added bonus for five social club members. The chance to stand for 3 hours in sub zero temperatures flag marshalling but with the perfect reward at the end, 3 flying laps in some of the fastest cars in the club. The frost bite was forgotten. Lots of discussion at the Astor Hotel that night with a good mix of Comp. and Social members. On Sunday we headed off for round 3 of the Autohaus Hamiliton Observation Run Series. Lots of laughs, a few frowns, a police bust in the St Saviours Cemetery and endless Porsche roads.

Photos by Sanjay Ramadevan, Jen Annett, Peter Kritakis, Sue Palfrey & Glenn Palfrey

Sunday Drive Notes

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